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Created on: 26 Jan 2023 01:46
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Type: Bug Report
Stacking Z-Index functionality is not working

The described functionality listed on

"The Telerik Window component for Blazor provides stacking z-index functionality that brings to front the component any time it receives focus."

doesn't appear to be working in the demo. When the one window receives focus the z-index does not change.  This appears to not work correctly in the demo either. 

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Posted on: 26 Jan 2023 08:55

Hi Eric,

I can confirm that the functionality is working as expected, and the z-index style is correctly incremented each time a Window gains focus. However, there is indeed an issue, but it is due to the demo example itself. To be more specific, the z-index of each Window is overridden by a `.demo-window` selector. Now that you have brought this to our attention, we will update the demo, so the custom styling of the demo does not interfere with the demonstrated functionality - thank you for bringing it up.

I have also prepared an example, where the above-mentioned selector is removed, and the functionality can be tested:

Regards, Radko Stanev Progress Telerik

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