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Created on: 18 Jul 2022 13:53
Category: PanelBar
Type: Feature Request
Support declarative items
While I find that many of your controls are useful; the ones I really want to use.  Accordion, Drawer, and Menu are limited to being data bound only.  I would really like the ability to make items in a declarative format.  Can you please consider this for future builds?
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Posted on: 19 Jul 2022 07:49

Hello Rick,

Thanks for your suggestion. It's better to have feature request for specific components when this makes sense - it helps us prioritize better.

Here is an already existing request for the Menu.

I am converting this one for the PanelBar (Accordion). A similar request for the Drawer is valid too. Fortunately, the  Drawer can show multiple items via a single template relatively easily.

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