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Created on: 02 Mar 2022 18:37
Category: UI for Blazor
Type: Feature Request
Blazor version of the WPF RadPropertyGrid

This feature is requesting a Blazor version of the RadPropertyGrid, or a more modern Material Design(ish) equivalent.


As  more customers are adopting Blazor, we're porting our rich design time tooling to the web in SaaS type offers.  No Blazor control vendor has this type of control today, and it's sorely needed.  Even finding a Web/Angular version of this type of control is practically impossible.

Having this control combined with the existing Telerik Blazor property editors (combo boxes, edit fields, boolean controls, color pickers, font pickers, etc.) would give you a strong leg up on your competitors.


Note: Our company is already licensing your Blazor controls and I speak to Maria every few months on the roadmap.


This item is a duplicate of an already existing item. You can find the original item here:
Tim Romano
Posted on: 06 Mar 2022 18:18
Not addressed by the Form component is  ability of the property grid/vertical grid to expand/collapse its sections, which equates to a parsimonious use of screen real-estate.  The property grid is a combination of Form and recursive Accordion, together with events relating to the expand/collapse and the persistence of expanded/collapsed state.
Marin Bratanov
Posted on: 06 Mar 2022 16:44

Hi all,

I will mark this one as a duplicate of the original request we have for this, please click the Follow button there for status updates (I moved Chris' vote):  https://feedback.telerik.com/blazor/1468343-propertygrid-property-grid-vertical-oriented-grid-with-cell-labels-in-column-1.

Phil's suggestion is actually a pretty good one and also added it there, when it was requested there wasn't a Form component yet)

Marin Bratanov
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Posted on: 03 Mar 2022 00:31



I think this functionality is already available / easy to implement isn't it?


There is already blazor forms auto-generation (https://demos.telerik.com/blazor-ui/form/auto-generated) then just need to populate an object using reflections; https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/api/system.type.getproperties?view=net-6.0


Let me know if you'd like a chat about it.