Last Updated: 21 Jun 2022 06:45 by René
Release 3.1.0
Created on: 06 Aug 2021 11:21
Category: Gantt
Type: Feature Request
Zoom to fit

Zooming levels would be great

GanttCommandButton Command="ZoomIn|ZoomOut|ZoomToFit"...>


The current Views (Day/Week/Month/Year) are nice, but custom zooming is needed sometimes.

Posted on: 21 Jun 2022 06:45

Hello Hristian,
by "the timeline should be zoomed in a way that all entries in the (filtered !) List should be fully visible" I mean that the zooming factor should always be calculated in a way that all currently displayed entries  should be fully visible in the timeline.

Example: In the whole list there are tasks covering a timespan of 3 month so "zoom to fit" should display a timeline of 3 month.  If I now filter the list of entries and the filtered tasks cover only a timespan of 1 month, "zoom to fit" should only display a timeline of 1 month.

Hristian Stefanov
Posted on: 13 Jun 2022 08:01

Hi Benjamin,

Thank you for giving us feedback on the item and overall expectations.

I will reach out to our development team and share the latest information from here. You can keep tracking this item for further updates.

Hristian Stefanov
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Posted on: 06 Jun 2022 10:48

I have to agree with René - the current GanttRangeSnapTo is not a "Zoom to fit".

You can see a "Zoom to fit" as it's intended here:

Svetoslav Dimitrov
Posted on: 06 Jun 2022 08:49

Hello Rene,

When you click the zoom to fit button the Gantt will remove the unused space before and earliest start date and after the latest end date. This is the designed behavior of the feature. I am sure I understood the filtered entries part of your post, could you follow up with some more information?

Svetoslav Dimitrov
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Posted on: 30 May 2022 13:53

I don't regard this as "Completed".  At first I was glad to find this demo here: but The "Zoom to Fit" Button there does not do what Ivan described. 

What it does is setting the "GanttRangeSnapTo" Parameter to "MinorSlot".  I don't know what exactly this is supposed to mean but what it does does not seem usefull to me.  Like Ivan wrote: My understanding of "Zoom to Fit" is that the timeline should be zoomed in a way that all entries in the (filtered !) List should be fully visible (and there should not be unused space).

Posted on: 15 Nov 2021 21:15
I will describe in more detail about the zoom to fit function.
When enabled, the display of tasks in the timeline panel must start from the minimum date from the list of tasks and end with the maximum date.
There should be no empty space on the left and right.