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Release 3.3.0
Kevin White
Created on: 04 Nov 2019 14:36
Category: UI for Blazor
Type: Feature Request
File Explorer
I am really missing a "File Explorer" razor component in your Blazor offer. Most of our existing apps have a file explorer tied to a remote UNC shared network location.
Marin Bratanov
Posted on: 06 Nov 2019 18:49

Hi Kevin,

I fixed the typo in the opener post for you.

You can click the Follow button at the top of this page to get email notifications when the status of this feature changes. When and how it will get implemented will largely depend on the community interest in it.

For the time being I can suggest you consider using a treeview and a grid to show this information.


Marin Bratanov
Progress Telerik

 UI for Blazor
Kevin White
Posted on: 04 Nov 2019 14:38
bah that is supposed to be "remote UNC" not "remove". Cant see a way to edit my original post