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Created on: 11 Jan 2021 11:22
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RadPdfViewer: How do I commit form fields text on saving?

Good morning.


I'm using a pdfViewer instance in order to load pdf forms, with text fields to be edited by the users.

Loading is ok, editing is ok, the problem is when I go to save the edited document. When I save the document, if I don't click elsewhere in the document, in which case the content of the field is committed, the content of the field is not saved with the document. This happens either using the 'Save As' button or using the SaveDocument API function.

Probably it is my fault, since I'm new to PdfViewer: I can imagine that something like a commit command has to be available, but I'm not able to find it.


Can you help me, please?
Thank you in advance.


PS. I will attach three screenshots in order to let you understand better what I mean.

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Dess | Tech Support Engineer, Sr.
Posted on: 11 Jan 2021 14:28

Hi, Vincenzo,

I confirm that it is an issue with RadPdfViewer and we need to close the editor before saving the document.

I have logged it in our feedback portal by making this thread public on your behalf. You can track its progress, subscribe for status changes and add your comments on the following link - feedback item.

I have also updated your Telerik points.

Make sure that you follow this item in order to get notified once the status is changed. We will do our best to introduce the fix as soon as possible.

Please excuse us for the inconvenience caused.

Dess | Tech Support Engineer, Sr.
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