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Release R3 2020 (LIB 2020.2.826)


I have a CommandBar that contains multiple CommandBarDropDownLists. When they get shown, the tooltip is supposed to be the selected item's text. What actually happens though is that the tooltip is basically always the text of the first item in the list. I've tried several things, to no avail. Some of the things I've tried include overriding the VisualItemFormatting event of the CommandBarDropDownLists, working with the TextChanged event to change the tooltip, and trying to change the tooltip in the SelectedIndexChanged event that is also being overriden for other purposes as well. None of these has changed the behaviour described above.

Thank you in advance for your time! I know this is probably simple and I am just missing something, but I just can't figure it out.

Best regards,

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Created by: Binshidha
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Category: CommandBar
Type: Bug Report
  • I have one main form in which a radcommand bar is defined
  • other forms inherits this form and replace the commandbarbuttons in the forms with the commandbar buttons in main form
  • Successfully replaced the buttons, but the events are not firing after clicking the button.

main form contains  RadCommandbar with button 'cmdNew' and other form contains  RadCommandbar with  button 'cmdNewR'.

Replaced button cmdNewR by cmdNew using the following function

Protected Sub ReplaceRadCommandBarButtonItem(ByVal ctlOriginal As CommandBarButton, ByVal ctlNew As CommandBarButton)
            Dim owner As RadCommandBarItemsPanel = CType(ctlOriginal.Parent, RadCommandBarItemsPanel)
            Dim originalIndex As Integer = owner.Children.IndexOf(ctlOriginal)
            owner.Children.Insert(originalIndex, ctlNew)
End Sub


The cmdNewR button in command bar will replaced by cmdNew. but click event is not hitting

 Private Sub cmdNewR_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles cmdNewR.Click
        End Sub

Private Sub cmdNew_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)

 End Sub

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Release R3 2020 (LIB 2020.2.727)


Found a funny behavior in the RadCommandbar.

Just try this:

  • add a few buttons on the RadCommandbar
  • open the RadCommandbar Items collection from the properties
  • change the order of an item
    actually you don't need to change it definitively but
  • when you hit OK, you will see that the new item selector moved to the front of the RadCommandBar


In attachment I created a small movie clip that illustrates this behavior.

Kind regards,


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Release R2 2020 SP1

I set the ShowClearButton on the design-time but the clear button not displayed when I run the application.

However, it works fun when I set the ShowClearButton programatically.

            commandBarTextBox1.TextBoxElement.ShowClearButton = true;

Do you know why?

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Created by: James
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Category: CommandBar
Type: Bug Report

Just reporting problem at this time.  Do not need an immediate resolution.

Problem Found:  Tooltip text for command bar items (i.e. possibly in other tooltips outside of command bar) does not scale with the DPI setting along with the rest of the form.  Tooltip text always appears only at 100% DPI font size and not higher.

Please note:  I tested this by using two monitors set to 1) 1920x1080 at 100% scaling and 2) 3840x2160 at 200% scaling and dragging the application back and forth between the two monitors. 

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Release R1 2020 (LIB 2019.3.1111)
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Release R3 2019

Please refer to the attached gif file and the provided sample project. 

//Workaround 1          this.commandBarDropDownList1.CommandBarDropDownListElement.EditableElement.TextBox.TextBoxItem.UseDefaultDisabledPaint = false;

            this.commandBarDropDownList1.CommandBarDropDownListElement.EditableElement.TextBox.TextBoxItem.Enabled = false;

//Workaround 2

            this.commandBarDropDownList1.CommandBarDropDownListElement.EditableElement.TextBox.TextBoxItem.ReadOnly = true;
            this.commandBarDropDownList1.CommandBarDropDownListElement.EditableElement.TextBox.TextBoxItem.PropertyChanged += TextBoxItem_PropertyChanged;
            this.commandBarDropDownList1.SelectedIndexChanged += CommandBarDropDownList1_SelectedIndexChanged;

        private void CommandBarDropDownList1_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, Telerik.WinControls.UI.Data.PositionChangedEventArgs e)
            this.commandBarDropDownList1.CommandBarDropDownListElement.EditableElement.TextBox.TextBoxItem.SelectionLength = 0;
            this.commandBarDropDownList1.CommandBarDropDownListElement.EditableElement.TextBox.TextBoxItem.SelectionStart = 0;

        private void TextBoxItem_PropertyChanged(object sender, PropertyChangedEventArgs e)
            this.commandBarDropDownList1.CommandBarDropDownListElement.EditableElement.TextBox.TextBoxItem.SelectionLength = 0;
            this.commandBarDropDownList1.CommandBarDropDownListElement.EditableElement.TextBox.TextBoxItem.SelectionStart = 0;

Last Updated: 11 Oct 2018 14:44 by Dimitar
Set it in code:
commandBarMaskedEditBox1.CommandBarMaskedTextBoxElement.MaskType = Telerik.WinControls.UI.MaskType.Numeric;
commandBarMaskedEditBox1.CommandBarMaskedTextBoxElement.Mask = "d";

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To reproduce:
1. Create a project
2. Add a Telerik form
3. Add a RadCommandBar
4. Add some buttons
5. Debug application
(forget you are running application)
6. Click on add button on command bar. As a result, Visual studio Crashes.

Note: if you perform the same steps with RadRibbonBar a message is shown that the file can't be modified  while debugging. Please refer to the attached screenshot.
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Use attached to reproduce. 
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How to reproduce: add a pdf navigator to a form and dock it to Top, then add a pdf viewer and dock it to fill. Run the application and you will notice a gap between the navigator and the RadPdfViewer control.

Workaround: instead of docking, use anchors or a TableLayoutPanel.
Last Updated: 15 Aug 2017 12:09 by Stevens
The issue exists with RadMenuItem as well!


public class CustomCommandBarButton : CommandBarButton
    protected override void OnClick(EventArgs e)
        MouseEventArgs args = e as MouseEventArgs;
        if (args.Button == System.Windows.Forms.MouseButtons.Left)

    protected override Type ThemeEffectiveType     
            return typeof(CommandBarButton);     
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To reproduce:
- Run the attached project, maximize the form and click the drop-down buttons.

commandBarDropDownButton3.DropDownMenu.PopupOpening += DropDownMenu_PopupOpening;

private void DropDownMenu_PopupOpening(object sender, CancelEventArgs args)
    var e = args as RadPopupOpeningEventArgs;
    var ownerElement = (sender as RadDropDownMenu).OwnerElement;
    var loc = ownerElement.ElementTree.Control.PointToScreen(ownerElement.ControlBoundingRectangle.Location);
    loc.Y += ownerElement.ControlBoundingRectangle.Height;
    loc.X -=  ((sender as RadDropDownMenu).Width - ownerElement.ControlBoundingRectangle.Width);
    e.CustomLocation = loc;

Last Updated: 15 Aug 2017 09:33 by ADMIN
Add the possibility to change the owner CommandBarRowElement of a CommandBarStripElement at design time.
Last Updated: 05 Jun 2017 13:35 by ADMIN
It will be convenient for our users if we introduce a CommandBarMaskedEditBox that they can add to their CommandBar at design-time.
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To reproduce:
- Dock the command bar inside a tool window (to left).
- Add four buttons to the strip.
- Set the VisibleInStrip property of the one button to false.
- When the application is started the last button is outside the strip.

The issue is reproduced when commandbar is docked directly in the form not just the tool window.

Workaround - Use the Visibility property instead.
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To reproduce:

1. Run the application and click the button. A message box appears. Close the message box.
2. Minimize the form and restore it to normal state.
3. Click the button again. You will encounter an error because the CommandBarDropDownList.SelectedItem property is set to null.


 private void radButton1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
     this.commandBarDropDownList1.DropDownAnimationEnabled = false;

     Product product = this.commandBarDropDownList1.SelectedItem.DataBoundItem as Product;

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To reproduce:

1. Add a RadCommandBar with several items
2. Add CommandBarTextBox and change its size to have 200 px width .
3. Set the CommandBarTextBox.TextBoxElement.TextAlign property to Right in order to align the text to the right. The designer shows the correct text alignment. However, this setting is not serialized in the designer file and when you run the application the text is left aligned.
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this.commandBarSplitButton1.MinSize = new Size(this.commandBarSplitButton1.Size.Width + 10, 0);

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To reproduce:
1. Add a RadCommandBar with a CommandBarButton.
2. Add a RadDateTimePicker, a RadMultiColumnComboBox, a ComboBox, a DateTimePicker. Subscribe to their Validating event.
3. Add a shortcut for the CommandbarButton:

Me.CommandBarButton1.ShowKeyboardCues = True
Me.CommandBarButton1.UseMnemonic = True
Me.CommandBarButton1.Shortcuts.Add(New RadShortcut(Keys.Alt, Keys.F))

Note that when you focus one of the added controls in 2. and press Alt+F, the CommandBarButton.Click event is fired, but the Validating event for the previously focused control is not fired. This behavior is not observed for RadButton for example.


Public Class Form1

    Protected Overrides Function ProcessCmdKey(ByRef msg As Message, keyData As Keys) As Boolean
        Select Case keyData
            Case (Keys.Alt Or Keys.F)
                Exit Select

        End Select
End Class
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