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Use the following code: 

        public RadForm1()
            this.radMaskedEditBox1.MaskType = MaskType.Numeric;
            this.radMaskedEditBox1.Mask = "n3";


        private void RadButton1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            this.Text = this.radMaskedEditBox1.Value + "";

        private void radMaskedEditBox1_ValueChanging(object sender, CancelEventArgs e)
           e.Cancel = true; 

You will notice that even though the ValueChanging event is cancelled, the Value property is still changed.

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I'm getting weird / unexpected behaviour when using the masked edit box configured to handle IP Addresses.

So using the latest Demo Application, I open up the Masked Edit Box, and in the IP edit box I type in

I then double click and highlight the 44 part, and type 6 to replace the 44 with a single 6, however the following is displayed

After clicking on OK this then changes to show the ip address as It seems that clicking on 6 does not replace the 44 but gets inserted at the start of the element. Is there a workaround for this behaviour ?
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Release R1 2022

Use the following code snippet and enter "8,5" in RadMaskedEditBox. Then press Tab to navigate to the next control: 

        RadValidationRule validationRuleNumberLess;
        RadValidationRule validationRuleNumberGreater;
        float numberMaximum;
        float numberMinimum;

        public RadForm1()
            CultureInfo culture = new System.Globalization.CultureInfo("de-DE");
            System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = culture;
            System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture = culture;
            this.radMaskedEditBox1.Culture = culture;

            this.numberMaximum = float.Parse("9,999", culture);
            this.numberMinimum = 0;

            // set maximum
            this.validationRuleNumberLess = new RadValidationRule();
            this.validationRuleNumberLess.Operator = Telerik.WinControls.Data.FilterOperator.IsLessThanOrEqualTo;
            this.validationRuleNumberLess.PropertyName = "Value";
            this.validationRuleNumberLess.ToolTipTitle = "Too big";
            this.validationRuleNumberLess.ToolTipText = "The value must be SMALLER than " + this.numberMaximum.ToString();
            this.validationRuleNumberLess.Value = (float)this.numberMaximum + 0.001D;
            this.radValidationProvider1.SetValidationRule(this.radMaskedEditBox1, this.validationRuleNumberLess);

            // set minimum
            this.validationRuleNumberGreater = new RadValidationRule();
            this.validationRuleNumberGreater.PropertyName = "Value";
            this.validationRuleNumberGreater.ToolTipTitle = "Too small"; // this.localToolTipTitle;
            this.validationRuleNumberGreater.ToolTipText = "The value must be BIGGER than " + this.numberMinimum.ToString();
            this.validationRuleNumberGreater.Operator = Telerik.WinControls.Data.FilterOperator.IsGreaterThanOrEqualTo;
            this.validationRuleNumberGreater.Value = (float)this.numberMinimum;
            this.radValidationProvider1.SetValidationRule(this.radMaskedEditBox1, this.validationRuleNumberGreater);

            this.radLabel1.Text = "Minimum = " + this.validationRuleNumberGreater.Value + " Maximum = " + this.validationRuleNumberLess.Value;

Workaround: use the ControlValidation event to control the validation flag: https://docs.telerik.com/devtools/winforms/controls/validation-provider/validation-rules#controlvalidation-event 

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Release R3 2021

EMailMaskTextBoxProvider does not allow TLDs which are longer than 4 characters. Example:

user123@example.com works;
user123@example.cloud does NOT work

There are many TLDs which are longer than 4 characters nowadays (.museum, .store, .website, .technology etc.), which makes this limitation a major bug. 

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Release R2 2021
When I add a RadMaskedEditBoxElement to a RadRibbonBarGroup and set the MaskType to RegEx, the IncludePrompt property shows "The method or operation is not implemented". Any attempt to save or build results in an exception of "The method or operation is not implemented" for IncludePrompt.
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Release R1 2020 (LIB 2019.3.1209)

RadMaskedEditBox - (2019.3.903.40) - Text property not respecting numeric mask formatting on Up, Down keys

To repeat the bug create the RadMaskedEditBox and set the next properties:

this.radMaskedEditBox1.Mask = "N0";
this.radMaskedEditBox1.MaskType = MaskType.Numeric;

Enter the 111 in the editor. With the up/down keys set all of the values to 0.

Expected value is 0, got 000.

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Release R3 2019 (LIB 2019.2.819)

To reproduce:

this.radMaskedEditBox1.Mask = "n";
this.radMaskedEditBox1.MaskType = Telerik.WinControls.UI.MaskType.Numeric;
radMaskedEditBox1.Value = 1234;
radMaskedEditBox1.MaskedEditBoxElement.Culture = new CultureInfo("en-CA") { NumberFormat = { NumberDecimalDigits = 0, NumberGroupSeparator = String.Empty } };