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Release R2 2021

My BreadCrumb that was linked to my TreeView worked for a while and then I got this error:

You cannot add or insert the term in more than one place.  You must first remove it from its correct location or clone it.

I deleted the BreadCrumb and my program worked again. 

I tried later to add back it in.   The program wouldn't run at all (No error messages).   I tried just adding the BreadCrumb control and not attaching it to anything.  It still wouldn't run.  I deleted the BreadCrumb and the program runs again.



I tried making a new program with just a BreadCrumb and a TreeView.   When I ran it.  It when right away into Break Mode.

I did your tutorial where you used a BreadCrumb with TreeView.  Same thing.  The program went immediately into Break Mode.


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Release R2 2020 (LIB 2020.1.423)
Created by: Patrick
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I've got a treeview where one of the main nodes is hidden (visible=false), but this item is still shown in the linked breadcrumb.

Is there a way to hide this node in the breadcrumb?


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Patrick Vossen

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Setting the property to false should disable editing in the control.