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You currently support only six rectangular Datamaxtrix formats. DMRE are the same as normal Datamatrix barcodes, DMRE just describes some more rectangular formats. DMRE enables printing barcodes for smaller devices, like medical devices. Because of EU2017/745 regulations all medical devices have to have a unique device idenitifer (UDI).

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Created by: CHEE HANG
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 The aim of the control is to decode image representations of one of the supported barcode symbologies: https://docs.telerik.com/devtools/wpf/controls/radbarcode/radbarcodereader-overview 
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I start a new, Winforms .Net Framework 4.7.2 project.
I add the radBarcode to the form, a sample QR code is shown.
I change the Symbology-property to DataMatrix, the sample picture of the barcode is cleared and no barcode is shown. This is also the case when I change the Symbology-property via the control smart menu/tags

And here comes the point: I always inserted my value for the barcode in the Text-property and not in the Value-property (my fault). After playing around and reading the docu I realised that I need to set the Value property. If I do this via smart menu/tag It works fine.

But why does the Value property get cleared by changing the Symbology-Property? If there could be any conflicts between different barcodes, wouldn't it be better to show some infobox, that the value is incompatible to the selected symbology?


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Release R3 2020 SP1
Created by: Matt
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As part of my evaluation of your WinForms control collection, I noticed that your Barcode control lacks a DataMatrix 2D barcode. This is a very common and useful barcode that is used in production environments. We use it extensively here. What are the chances of adding DM barcodes?
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Release R3 2019 (LIB 2019.2.708)

The issue can be reproduced by adding a RadBarCode to the form and setting its value this way:

this.radBarcode1.Value = "https://docs.telerik.com/devtools/winforms/introduction";

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The barcode cannot be read with the property set to false.

Telerik.WinControls.UI.Barcode.Symbology.EAN128 code39Extended1 = new Telerik.WinControls.UI.Barcode.Symbology.EAN128();
code39Extended1.Checksum = true;
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Workaround: set to the ForeColor to the RadBarCodeElement
this.radBarcode1.BarcodeElement.ForeColor = Color.Red;