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Release R3 2020



I recently updated my telerik to latest version from version 2020.1.113 and it changed the look of my simplified layout, adding numpad and arrow keys to it.

How can i revert back to old look. is there an easy way to do it or do i have to access each row keys and collapse its visibility??

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Created by: logan
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Category: VirtualKeyboard
Type: Bug Report

I have tried the Telerik demo virtual keyboard program. After I changed the system input language to Chinese, then click any letter on the virtual keyboard, the text candidate box (see the red-framed part below in the screenshot) just flash and disappeared and only the English letter is input into the text box. Is there any solution or does Progress have a plan to support this in the future version? 

By the way, I use the Windows build-in IME Microsoft Pinyin.

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I tried using the VirtualKeyboard on a touch screen and I do not see the expected behavior that I see on a normal pc.

In more details, when a key is pressed on the touch screen, the key remains highlighted. Additionally when a button is pressed for a couple of seconds, then you can not see the repeating press behavior of the button on the screen (like you see on a normal pc) and you only notice a single press behavior.

Is there a possibility to add a button sound each time a key is pressed?




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Created by: Yannis
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Category: VirtualKeyboard
Type: Feature Request

Introduce a boolean property that will control whether a beep sound will be played when the user presses a key.

It would be nice to specify which sound from the SystemSounds will be used in the keyboard.


        private void radVirtualKeyboard1_KeySent(object sender, Telerik.WinControls.VirtualKeyboard.VirtualKeyboardKeySentEventArgs e)
            RadItem item = e.Key as RadItem;
            if (item != null)



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Release R1 2020 SP1

RadVirtualKeyboardForm is always shown below the associated controls. However, when there is no enough space for the entire RadVirtualKeyboardForm, it is cut off.

When the associated control is close to the screen boundaries, the location should be adjusted in such a way that the whole keyboard is displayed.