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Release R1 2022

Create a RadRibbonForm or a RadForm with Ribbon behavior. When you run the application and maximize the form, the titlebar's text disappears.

Workaround: Use a RadForm and add RadRibbonBar without Ribbon behavior. Then set the RadRibbonBar.RibbonBarElement.RibbonCaption.Visibility to Collapsed.

Workaround 2 : set the RadRibbonForm.AllowAero property to false

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Run the sample project and have a look at the gif file for illustrating the undesired behavior.

The issue is reproducible only when AllowAero = false.


        public RadRibbonForm1()
            this.AllowAero = false;

            this.RootElement.Shape = new RoundRectShape(0);

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We are designing our application at design time. All changes to the button elements are done in the designer. However, the ImagePrimitive.MinSize property gets reset after a new resource image is added.

Please refer to the attached gif file.


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Follow the steps:

1.Create an application and add a RadRibbonForm with name RadRibbonForm1.

2. Create a new class with name RadRibbonForm1.Test.cs and make it partial. It should look like a form.

3. Double click the new class. It will open the designer and some code will be generated in the class which prevents the application from building. The attached gif file with RadRibbonForm illustrates better the specific steps.