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Changing the text of a Page runtime will update the page navigation view item, but the header element won't. Reselecting the page will update the header element text.

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A password is asked although adobe opens the document without one
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By referring to

I created a RabTabbedForm instance; however WinForms designer was not enabled by default and the form could not be designed visually.  How would you recommend?

Additional questions by the way,

1. Is there an easy way to switch on the WinForms DPI awareness for the Telerik forms?

2. At the RadTabbedForm header I see button controls can be added to the left and right sections; can other types of controls be added into these sections, for instance, dropdown buttons, toggle switches etc?

Thank you for your time!

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NullReferenceException is raised when loading document with charts.
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If I set '2 Settimane' (2 Weeks in English)  and re-open the appointment it show '2 ore' (2 hours in English) or

If i set '4 giorni' (4 days in English)  and re-open the appointment it show '4 ore' (4 hours in English)

The code snippet reproduces the issue:

Public Class RadForm1
    Sub New()

        RadSchedulerLocalizationProvider.CurrentProvider = New ItalianSchedulerLocalizationProvider()


    End Sub
    Private Sub RadForm1_Initialized(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Me.Initialized
    End Sub
End Class
Public Class ItalianSchedulerLocalizationProvider
    Inherits RadSchedulerLocalizationProvider

    Public Overrides Function GetLocalizedString(id As String) As String
        Select Case id
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.NextAppointment
                Return "Prossimi Appuntamenti"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.PreviousAppointment
                Return "Appuntamenti Precedenti"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.AppointmentDialogTitle
                Return "Modifica Appuntamento"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.AppointmentDialogSubject
                Return "Oggetto:"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.AppointmentDialogLocation
                Return "Posizione:"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.AppointmentDialogBackground
                Return "Sfondo:"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.AppointmentDialogDescription
                Return "Descrizione:"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.AppointmentDialogStartTime
                Return "Ora di inizio:"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.AppointmentDialogEndTime
                Return "Ora di fine:"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.AppointmentDialogAllDay
                Return "Tutto il giorno"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.AppointmentDialogResource
                Return "Risorsa:"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.AppointmentDialogStatus
                Return "Mostra come:"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.AppointmentDialogOK
                Return "OK"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.AppointmentDialogCancel
                Return "Annulla"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.AppointmentDialogDelete
                Return "Elimina"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.AppointmentDialogRecurrence
                Return "Ricorrenza"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.OpenRecurringDialogTitle
                Return "Apri elemento ricorrente"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.DeleteRecurrenceDialogOK
                Return "OK"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.OpenRecurringDialogOK
                Return "OK"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.DeleteRecurrenceDialogCancel
                Return "Annulla"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.OpenRecurringDialogCancel
                Return "Annulla"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.OpenRecurringDialogLabel
                Return """{0}"" è un appuntamento" & vbLf & "ricorrente. Vuoi aprire" & vbLf & "la sola occorenza o la serie?"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.OpenRecurringDialogRadioOccurrence
                Return "Apri questa occorrenza."
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.OpenRecurringDialogRadioSeries
                Return "Apri la serie."
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.DeleteRecurrenceDialogTitle
                Return "Conferma cancellazione"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.DeleteRecurrenceDialogRadioOccurrence
                Return "Elimina questa occorrenza."
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.DeleteRecurrenceDialogRadioSeries
                Return "Elimina la serie."
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.DeleteRecurrenceDialogLabel
                Return "Vuoi eliminare tutte le occorrenze dell'appuntamento ricorrente ""{0}"", o sola questa?"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDragDropCreateExceptionDialogText
                Return "Hai modificato la data di una singola occorrenza di un appuntamento ricorrente. Per modificare tutte le date, aprire la serie." & vbLf & "Vuoi cambiare solo questa?"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDragDropValidationSameDateText
                Return "Due occorrenze della stessa serie non possono verificarsi nello stesso giorno."
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDragDropValidationSkipOccurrenceText
                Return "Non è possibile riprogrammare un'occorrenza di un appuntamento ricorrente se viene saltata un'occorrenza successiva dello stesso appuntamento."
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDialogMessageBoxText
                Return "La data di inizio deve essere precedente alla data di fine."
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDialogMessageBoxWrongRecurrenceRuleText
                Return "Il modello di ricorrenza non è valido."
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDialogMessageBoxTitle
                Return "Errore di validazione"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDialogTitle
                Return "Modifica ricorrenza"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDialogAppointmentTimeGroup
                Return "Orario dell'appuntamento"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDialogDuration
                Return "Durata:"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDialogAppointmentEnd
                Return "Fine:"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDialogAppointmentStart
                Return "Inizio:"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDialogRecurrenceGroup
                Return "Modello di ricorrenza"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDialogRangeGroup
                Return "Intervallo di ricorrenza"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDialogOccurrences
                Return "occorrenze"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDialogRecurrenceStart
                Return "Inizio:"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDialogYearly
                Return "Annuale"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDialogHourly
                Return "Ora"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDialogMonthly
                Return "Mese"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDialogWeekly
                Return "Settimana"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDialogDaily
                Return "Giorno"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDialogEndBy
                Return "Fine entro:"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDialogEndAfter
                Return "Fine dopo:"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDialogNoEndDate
                Return "Nessuna data di fine"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDialogAllDay
                Return "Evento tutto il giorno"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDialogDurationDropDown1Day
                Return "1 giorno"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDialogDurationDropDown2Days
                Return "2 giorni"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDialogDurationDropDown3Days
                Return "3 giorni"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDialogDurationDropDown4Days
                Return "4 giorni"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDialogDurationDropDown1Week
                Return "1 settimana"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDialogDurationDropDown2Weeks
                Return "2 settimane"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDialogOK
                Return "OK"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDialogCancel
                Return "Annulla"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.RecurrenceDialogRemoveRecurrence
                Return "Elimina Ricorrenza"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.HourlyRecurrenceEvery
                Return "Ogni"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.HourlyRecurrenceHours
                Return "Ora(e)"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.DailyRecurrenceEveryDay
                Return "Ogni"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.DailyRecurrenceEveryWeekday
                Return "Ogni giorno della settimana"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.DailyRecurrenceDays
                Return "giorno(i)"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.WeeklyRecurrenceRecurEvery
                Return "Ricorre ogni"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.WeeklyRecurrenceWeeksOn
                Return "settimana(e) dopo:"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.WeeklyRecurrenceSunday
                Return "Domenica"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.WeeklyRecurrenceMonday
                Return "Lunedì"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.WeeklyRecurrenceTuesday
                Return "Martedì"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.WeeklyRecurrenceWednesday
                Return "Mercoledì"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.WeeklyRecurrenceThursday
                Return "Giovedì"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.WeeklyRecurrenceFriday
                Return "Venerdì"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.WeeklyRecurrenceSaturday
                Return "Sabato"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.WeeklyRecurrenceDay
                Return "Giorno"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.WeeklyRecurrenceWeekday
                Return "Giorno lavorativo"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.WeeklyRecurrenceWeekendDay
                Return "Giorno del fine settimana"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.MonthlyRecurrenceDay
                Return "Giorno"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.MonthlyRecurrenceWeek
                Return "Il"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.MonthlyRecurrenceDayOfMonth
                Return "di ogni"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.MonthlyRecurrenceMonths
                Return "mese(i)"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.MonthlyRecurrenceWeekOfMonth
                Return "di ogni"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.MonthlyRecurrenceFirst
                Return "Primo"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.MonthlyRecurrenceSecond
                Return "Secondo"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.MonthlyRecurrenceThird
                Return "Terzo"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.MonthlyRecurrenceFourth
                Return "Quarto"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.MonthlyRecurrenceLast
                Return "Ultimo"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.YearlyRecurrenceDayOfMonth
                Return "Ogni"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.YearlyRecurrenceWeekOfMonth
                Return "Il"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.YearlyRecurrenceOfMonth
                Return "di"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.YearlyRecurrenceJanuary
                Return "Gennaio"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.YearlyRecurrenceFebruary
                Return "Febbraio"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.YearlyRecurrenceMarch
                Return "Marzo"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.YearlyRecurrenceApril
                Return "Aprile"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.YearlyRecurrenceMay
                Return "Maggio"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.YearlyRecurrenceJune
                Return "Giugno"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.YearlyRecurrenceJuly
                Return "Luglio"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.YearlyRecurrenceAugust
                Return "Agosto"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.YearlyRecurrenceSeptember
                Return "Settembre"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.YearlyRecurrenceOctober
                Return "Ottobre"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.YearlyRecurrenceNovember
                Return "Novembre"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.YearlyRecurrenceDecember
                Return "Dicembre"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.BackgroundNone
                Return "Nessuna"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.BackgroundImportant
                Return "Importante"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.BackgroundBusiness
                Return "Business"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.BackgroundPersonal
                Return "Personale"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.BackgroundVacation
                Return "Vacanza"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.BackgroundMustAttend
                Return "Deve Frequentare"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.BackgroundTravelRequired
                Return "Viaggio Richiesto"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.BackgroundNeedsPreparation
                Return "Necessita di preparazione"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.BackgroundBirthday
                Return "Compleanno"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.BackgroundAnniversary
                Return "Anniversario"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.BackgroundPhoneCall
                Return "Chiamata Tel."
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.StatusBusy
                Return "Occupato"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.StatusFree
                Return "Libero"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.StatusTentative
                Return "Tentative"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.StatusUnavailable
                Return "Non Disponibile"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderNone
                Return "Nessuno"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderOneMinute
                Return "1 minuto"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderMinutes
                Return " minuti"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderOneSecond
                Return "1 secondo"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderSeconds
                Return " secondi"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderDays
                Return " giorni"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderWeeks
                Return " settimane"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderHours
                Return " ore"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderZeroMinutes
                Return "0 minuti"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderFiveMinutes
                Return "5 minuti"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderTenMinutes
                Return "10 minuti"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderFifteenMinutes
                Return "15 minuti"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderThirtyMinutes
                Return "30 minuti"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderOneHour
                Return "1 ora"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderTwoHours
                Return "2 ore"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderThreeHours
                Return "3 ore"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderFourHours
                Return "4 ore"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderFiveHours
                Return "5 ore"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderSixHours
                Return "6 ore"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderSevenHours
                Return "7 ore"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderEightHours
                Return "8 ore"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderNineHours
                Return "9 ore"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderTenHours
                Return "10 ore"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderElevenHours
                Return "11 ore"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderTwelveHours
                Return "12 ore"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderEighteenHours
                Return "18 ore"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderOneDay
                Return "1 giorno"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderTwoDays
                Return "2 giorni"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderThreeDays
                Return "3 giorni"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderFourDays
                Return "4 giorni"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderOneWeek
                Return "1 settimana"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ReminderTwoWeeks
                Return "2 settimane"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.Reminder
                Return "Promemoria"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ContextMenuNewAppointment
                Return "Nuovo Appuntamento"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ContextMenuEditAppointment
                Return "Modifica Appuntamento"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ContextMenuNewRecurringAppointment
                Return "Nuovo appuntamento ricorrente"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ContextMenu60Minutes
                Return "60 Minuti"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ContextMenu30Minutes
                Return "30 Minuti"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ContextMenu15Minutes
                Return "15 Minuti"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ContextMenu10Minutes
                Return "10 Minuti"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ContextMenu6Minutes
                Return "6 Minuti"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ContextMenu5Minutes
                Return "5 Minuti"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ContextMenuNavigateToNextView
                Return "Vista Successiva"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ContextMenuNavigateToPreviousView
                Return "Vista Precedente"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ContextMenuTimescales
                Return "Scale temporali"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ContextMenuTimescalesYear
                Return "Anno"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ContextMenuTimescalesMonth
                Return "Mese"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ContextMenuTimescalesWeek
                Return "Settimana"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ContextMenuTimescalesDay
                Return "Giorno"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ContextMenuTimescalesHour
                Return "Ora"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ContextMenuTimescalesHalfHour
                Return "30 minuti"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ContextMenuTimescalesFifteenMinutes
                Return "15 minuti"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ErrorProviderWrongAppointmentDates
                Return "L'ora di fine dell'appuntamento è inferiore o uguale all'ora di inizio!"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ErrorProviderWrongExceptionDuration
                Return "L'intervallo di ricorrenza deve essere maggiore o uguale alla durata dell'appuntamento!"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ErrorProviderExceptionSameDate
                Return "Due occorrenze della stessa serie non possono verificarsi nello stesso giorno."
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.ErrorProviderExceptionSkipOverDate
                Return "L'eccezione di ricorrenza non può ignorare un'occorrenza successiva dello stesso appuntamento."
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.TimeZoneLocal
                Return "Locale"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.CategoryNone
                Return "Personale"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.CategoryBlue
                Return "Riunione"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.CategoryGray
                Return "Contabilita"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.CategoryGreen
                Return "SiCoGe Impegno"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.CategoryLavender
                Return "SiCoGe OP"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.CategoryOlive
                Return "SiCoGe OA"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.CategoryOrange
                Return "SiCoGe Var. Competenza"
            Case RadSchedulerStringId.CategoryOrange
                Return "SiCoGe Var. Cassa"

            Case Else
                Return "*UNKNOWN"
        End Select
    End Function


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In this case, the culture of the application is different from the culture of the machine. In this particular case, both cultures have different long date time format strings. current format mm/dd/yyyy compare to the one which the control is loading dd/mm/yyyy.

As a workaround, we can apply InvariantCulture before loading the XML and return the previous one after this:

CultureInfo.CurrentCulture = CultureInfo.InvariantCulture;
CultureInfo.CurrentCulture = CultureInfo.GetCultureInfo("en-US");


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I have it set as the SelectedGroup in the XML file and I have the other tab's visibility set to Collapsed, but it still opens on the 2nd tab (Characteristics) instead of the first.
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StackOverflowException is thrown when setting SelectedValue in the SelectedIndexChanged event.

To workaround this we can unsubscribe from the event before setting the SelectedValue property and then subscribe again. Another approach is to change the SelectedIndex property in the SelectedIndexChanged or SelectedValue in the SelectedValueChanged event.

Last Updated: 05 Dec 2023 13:09 by Ludek

MinValue/MaxValue are ignored when the value is null. When the popup is initially shown any time can be selected.

Last Updated: 04 Dec 2023 15:12 by ADMIN

To reproduce:

1. Add a RadChat to the form and assign a default author to it:

Me.RadChat1.Author = New Author(My.Resources.AnneDodsworth, "Nancy")

2. Add multiple messages to get a vertical scrollbar and try to scroll fast up and down. Please refer to the attached gif file illustrating the steps.

Last Updated: 04 Dec 2023 13:12 by ADMIN
There is a bug with your Grid decimal filtering when the FieldName matches the Name property for a different column. The filter is filtering on the column's Name instead of the FieldName. 
Last Updated: 22 Nov 2023 14:34 by ADMIN
select two items in the grid, click on the ValueI in the MS GridView then press ESC and click again on ValueI: the cell is always empty.
Do the same thing in your RadPropertyGrid. The first time you get 0, the second time -2147483648.
Last Updated: 21 Nov 2023 13:08 by Al
Add the ReadOnly flag to true at the property of custom TestClass.
If you select a single object the this property is ReadOnly but if you select more than one objects it isn't ReadOnly anymore.
Last Updated: 20 Nov 2023 14:30 by ADMIN
Release R3 2023 SP1 (2023.3.1114)

When the control is populated with hierarchy data, the current arrow icon and the expander icon overlap each other. This is observed when you click on a row.

As a workaround, we can increase the size of the indent column to leave enough space for both icons.

this.radVirtualGrid1.TableElement.IndentColumnWidth = 40;

Then we can move the current row arrow icon to the left (or right, depending on your requirement) in the CellFormatting event handler of the control.

private void radVirtualGrid1_CellFormatting(object sender, VirtualGridCellElementEventArgs e)
    if (e.CellElement is VirtualGridIndentCellElement)
        var indentCell = e.CellElement as VirtualGridIndentCellElement;
        indentCell.ImageLayout = ImageLayout.None;
        indentCell.ImageAlignment = ContentAlignment.MiddleLeft;
Here is the result of executing the above code:




Last Updated: 20 Nov 2023 07:43 by ADMIN
Release R3 2023 SP1 (2023.3.1114)

This behavior can be observed in the Office2010 theme. In the following image, the button's width in RadCalculatorDropDown and RadSpinEditor is less by 1 px compared to the buttons in the other editor controls.

Last Updated: 20 Nov 2023 07:43 by ADMIN
Release R3 2023 SP1 (2023.3.1114)

Currently, this behavior is available for RadGridView and the parent row becomes current/selected after expanding. Please refer to the attached gif file for RadGridView and the missing functionality for RadVirtualGrid.



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Release R3 2023 SP1 (2023.3.1114)


RadPropertyGrid does not properly intersect properties when what is set as SelectedObjects implements the ICustomTypeDescriptor interface. However, the .Net Framework PropertyGrid does not have this problem.

To reproduce the problem, use the attached project.

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Release R3 2023 SP1 (2023.3.1114)
Last Updated: 16 Nov 2023 15:00 by ADMIN
Created by: Dess | Tech Support Engineer, Principal
Comments: 3
Category: PageView
Type: Bug Report
To reproduce: please refer to the attached sample project and gif file. The purpose is to select the last added page. However, the multi-line tabs are not ordered correctly at all compared to the TabControl.
Last Updated: 09 Nov 2023 13:00 by ADMIN

Before zoom: 

After zoom:


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