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Expose a way to move the commands option section to different locations (left, top, right)
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Created by: Phil
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Category: ImageEditor
Type: Feature Request

Dear Sir,

I’m a retired computer analyst and program for my own enjoyment.

I recently downloaded your UI for Winforms product and played with your Image editor control.

A very nice control indeed. It does some great manipulations of images.

It would be even more flexible if a user were able to add their controls to the radImageEditor control, have access to the loaded image, and be able to add further options to be able to edit images.

Just a thought.

Kind regards

Phil Sargeant



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Release R2 2022

Use this code and click the save icon: 

        public RadForm1()


        private void radImageEditor1_ImageSaved(object sender, EventArgs e)

You will notice that the ImageSaved event is not fired.

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Release R1 2022 SP1
  1. To reproduce use an image with horizontal and/or vertical resolution different from 96.
  2. Open with with RadImageEditor.
  3. Check this.radImageEditor.CurrentBitmap.HorizontalResolution and you will see that it has a value of 96.
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Created by: Dinko
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Category: ImageEditor
Type: Feature Request
The default value of the RadColorBox Fill control is Transparent. Which by default have 0 alpha value. This will require the user to change the alpha value so that the color which is chosen is visible. We can consider modifying this behavior.
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Release R3 2021 (LIB 2021.2.712)
Currently, whenever I zoom in, the zoom goes to the Top-Left corner of the image, not by the mouse position on the image.
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Release R1 2021 (LIB 2020.3.1215)

1.Load an image to RadImageEditor and click the save button:

2. Enter the file name and select .jpeg extension:

3. Even though the file is saved as .jpg, its stores .png content:


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Created by: Mihajlo
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Category: ImageEditor
Type: Bug Report
Create a new blank Telerik project. Add RadImageEditor control to the form. Start the app. Open some jpg image. Try to save this image in various formats. No matter what format you select, from BMP to TIFF, the image will be saved in PNG format. The file extension will be .bmp or .tiff, but the file contents is PNG.
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Currently, RadImageEditor does not support setting a fixed aspect ratio or size like ImageEditor for WPF
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Please refer to the attached tiff file. When you load it in RadImageEditor, its orientation is horizontal and the image looks , not vertical as it is displayed in Windows Photo Viewer:



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Created by: Massimo
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Category: ImageEditor
Type: Feature Request


I hope you are doing well. I'm creating a profile form where users can upload a profile image. They can choose a file from the PC and it will be nice to pop up an image editor to crop the image as a circle and center the face to the center of the result image.

I have found this article https://www.telerik.com/blogs/crop-save-images-telerik-ui-for-xamarin-imageeditor

Is it possibile to achieve the same result with an ImageEditor control?

Thank you.

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Currently, it is not supported to add a draggable image over other images.
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Please run the attached sample project, click the button to start drawing and following the steps illustrated in the gif file.
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Release R3 2019 (LIB 2019.2.722)
Created by: George
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Category: ImageEditor
Type: Feature Request

I am working on a application where the user can take a photo, saved in jpeg format, and add text notes with a line/arrow head pointing to where the note applies on the photo.

1. Is this possible now?

2. If not, I would like to request it for a future release.



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Release R2 2019
Add an event that is raised when the user makes any change to an image. 
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Release R2 2019 (LIB 2019.1.415)

When I select Auto option in zoom drop-down list the image will not be resized to fit available space. The only way to auto-fit the image is to type "Auto" in drop-down list. Also, when editor form is resized while "Auto" option is selected the zoom will not be updated.

Additional methods OnResize and DropDownList_SelectedIndexChanged are required to update the zoom, because in DropDownList_TextChanged event handler this.dropDownList.SelectedIndex is always set to -1 when any option is selected with mouse, and will be different from -1 only when a text matching an option is entered with keyboard.

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Created by: Philippe
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Category: ImageEditor
Type: Bug Report

For the first time, I tried to use the ImageEditor.

Open a 6000x4000 pixels file.

Click on Sharpen tool.

Click on the numeric up-down widget to go from 0 to 1.

Result: CRASH

An unhandled exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' occurred in Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll

What happens ? Component limited in dimensions ?

OS has 16GB of memory. 

Thank you in advance,