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I’m converting 20+ year old c# .net winform software that a clever internal ex dev wrote a themed control suite for. I’ve been working with those controls for almost the same length of time but am recently tasked with updating the whole app as customers are experiencing fall overs on some modern versions of Windows. Ive had the pleasure of (almost quietly ?) converting/updating by using Telerik for many years as my choice of replacement themed control systems.

Conversion experience has been pretty good, except for combo boxes, probably listboxes too (sorry guys Im writing this in bed at 5am so can’t/won’t just go testing). I did try, i think, using your conversion wizards without success. I do wish that you’d let us add any type of object to a combobox.item array in the same way that microsoft winform control allows.
Ive also noticed that some events dont occur in telerik, eg index changed need to be switched to valuechanged and these are only spotted when testing, which means extra work.

anyway. Bless an thanks to you all for my good experience with Progress/Telerik. Im old, poorly and crumbly now and wont be around much longer. May i last long enough not to need a pension to survive and i hope each of you invests in enough private pension to give yourselves a decent holiday or three per year ;)