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I would like to get the scrollbar style as it is in the posted image.
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Release R3 2022 SP2

.NET version:  .NET 7 rc-2 

Telerik UI for WinForms version: 2022.3.921

Run the attached project, right-click the button to show the context menu and then click outside the menu. You will notice that the menu remains opened.

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Release R3 2022 SP1

It can be reproduced only in .NET 6 project. It works in .NET Framework 4.8.

It is also reproducible with RadDropDownList. Once the drop down is opened, clicking anywhere on the form, outside the popup, doesn't close it.

Run the attached sample project and right click the button. If you click outside the popup, the drop down is not closed.

Expected: the popup shawl be closed.

Actual: the popup is not closed

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I have an issue/query if you wouldn't mind help me out with please.

When using multiple monitors, if the main monitor is on scale and layout 100% and the 2nd monitor is 150%. When showing the context menu it blows the menu up even when shown on the main screen (see attached images).

Is there any way to disable Scale and Layout affecting the scale of the context menu or for the context menu to determine which screen it's being displayed on and use the Scale and Layout for that monitor?


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I have a radGridView with a radContextmenu attached. When I open the radContextmenu via right clicking a form and then move the mouse scroll wheel radContextmenu is closed and the form behind the radContextmenu begins to scrolls. This does not happen with the standard contextMenu. 

I would like to avoid the mouse scroll wheel from closing the radContextmenu. The reason is in some radContextMenus I embed forms with scroll bars and so would like the user to use the mouse wheel to scroll these embedded forms (I can confirm that the scroll bars on these forms work fine while embedded in the context menu) rather than close the radContextmenu.