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Please refer to the attached gif file. The sample project together with the sample files of the local provider can be downloaded here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnnV2HsINMD_yxDEY2iOWHXn5V9_?e=VurA0N 

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Created by: Yariv
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There is a noticeable delay after moving the mouse while panning the map. After making a comparison with Open Street Maps and a local provider, it seems that the local provider is slightly slower than the OSM provider. Please refer to the attached gif file. 

After profiling the project, it seems that Image.FromFile for loading the required tile takes most of the time:

With the OSM the tile is loaded by using Image.FromStream and it takes 3 times less time:

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Created by: Serena
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We would like to use vector tiles in our offline mapping applications, like ones you can get here :- https://openmaptiles.com/downloads/dataset/osm/europe/great-britain/england/#5.03/52.946/-2.426

I think telerik only supports raster files right now.  Is there any plans to support vector files in the future?  Could it be added to the roadmap?

(I am not looking for a way to convert vector files into PNG/Bitmap/JPEG Image tiles in a custom provider thanks)

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Release R2 2020 (LIB 2020.1.423)


I am using RadMap to display a KML file.

Unfortunately, it looks like RadMap is not displaying properly all the shapes (departments).

Displayed with RadMap (few holes, ie departments not displayed): 


Displayed with a third party tool (all departments properly displayed):