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Created on: 13 Aug 2020 13:31
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command bar button text is not displaying

Hi Dess,

I have encountered some other issue here. text of the button is not displaying in this case.

I have set DrawText property as true, UseCompatibleTextRendering as true and TextImageRelation as true. still the text is not displaying only the image is showing. Could you please go thruogh the same project again


attaching the previous link



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Dess | Tech Support Engineer, Principal
Posted on: 14 Aug 2020 10:29

Hi, Binshidha,

The provided sample project is greatly appreciated. I am glad that the problem you were facing is now resolved.

However, I would like to note that in the Form2.InitializeComponent method, the cmdNew.DrawText property is set to false. Once you comment this line or set it to true, the button's text will be displayed as expected.

I hope this information helps. If you need any further assistance please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Dess | Tech Support Engineer, Sr.
Progress Telerik

Posted on: 13 Aug 2020 15:20
I have found the solution, please ignore this issue