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Created on: 20 May 2024 13:59
Category: PageView
Type: Bug Report
RadPgeView: Editing page tab does not expand tab as the user is typing when using Office2013Light theme

(this.radPageView1.ViewElement as RadPageViewStripElement).AllowEdit = true;
(this.radPageView1.ViewElement as RadPageViewStripElement).NewItemVisibility = StripViewNewItemVisibility.End;



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Nadya | Tech Support Engineer
Posted on: 20 May 2024 14:22

Hello, Martin,

Use the following workaround:

private void Form2_EditorInitialized(object sender, RadPageViewEditorEventArgs e)
    var editor = (this.radPageView1.ViewElement as RadPageViewStripElement).ActiveEditor as PageViewItemTextEditor;
    editor.ValueChanged += Editor_ValueChanged;
    var element = editor.EditorElement as PageViewItemTextEditorElement;
    element.TextChanged += Element_TextChanged;

private void Element_TextChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
    var element = sender as PageViewItemTextEditorElement;
    string text = element.Text;
    var textSize = TextBoxControlMeasurer.MeasureText(text, element.Font);
    element.MinSize = new Size(textSize.Width + 4, 0);

    element.Parent.MinSize = new Size(textSize.Width + 20, 0);

Nadya | Tech Support Engineer
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