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Created on: 19 Feb 2024 16:53
Category: UI for WinForms
Type: Bug Report
Dropping a context menu onto toolbarform is making the toolbar go away

Hi- When I add a Rad context menu to a RadToolbarForm, the toolbar vanishes from the designer after a build.  This is new behavior because I have other context menus that I had previously added to the form.  If I drag a RadContextMenu from the toolkit, or I copy/paste an existing context menu, the toolbar disappears after a build.  I am running the latest release (2024.1.130) and toolkit config (although this also happens when running the previous Telerik release)

I tried closing the designer before the build and the toolbar still disappears.  Doing a Clean before build has no effect.  This form is inherited from a simple RadToolbar form (no controls except the toolbar).  The toolbar is still listed in the list of controls for the form

Ha!  Just found out what's happening.  It's deleting the toolbar configuration code from the designer code.  Everything below is gone.  If I add it back in, then do anything with the new context menu, like rename it, it gets removed again

            // RadToolbarFormControl1
            RadToolbarFormControl1.AutoSize = false;
            RadToolbarFormControl1.CenterItems.AddRange(new Telerik.WinControls.RadItem[] { RadLabelElement1, RadButtonElement_Task_New, RadButtonElement_Task_Edit, RadButtonElement_Task_Delete, RadCheckBoxElement_ShowCompleted });
            RadToolbarFormControl1.CenterItemsVerticalAlignment = Telerik.WinControls.UI.RadVerticalAlignment.Bottom;
            RadToolbarFormControl1.FarItems.AddRange(new Telerik.WinControls.RadItem[] { RadLabelElement_WorkHours, RadLabelElement_Work_StartDate, RadLabelElement_Work_EndDate, RadButtonElement_SelectDates, RadButtonElement_Invoices, RadButtonElement_Summary });
            RadToolbarFormControl1.NearItems.AddRange(new Telerik.WinControls.RadItem[] { RadLabelElement2, RadLabelElement_Projects, RadButtonElement_New, RadButtonElement_Edit, RadButtonElement_Delete, RadButtonElement_Refresh });
            RadToolbarFormControl1.ShowText = false;
            RadToolbarFormControl1.Size = new Size(1804, 52);


Here's my dev environment:

Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2022
Version 17.8.7
Microsoft .NET Framework
Version 4.8.09037

Installed Version: Community

ActiveReports 16
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ASP.NET and Web Tools   17.8.358.6298
ASP.NET and Web Tools

Azure App Service Tools v3.0.0   17.8.358.6298
Azure App Service Tools v3.0.0

C# Tools   4.8.0-7.23572.1+7b75981cf3bd520b86ec4ed00ec156c8bc48e4eb
C# components used in the IDE. Depending on your project type and settings, a different version of the compiler may be used.

Code Converter   1.0
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Common Azure Tools   1.10
Provides common services for use by Azure Mobile Services and Microsoft Azure Tools.

Microsoft JVM Debugger   1.0
Provides support for connecting the Visual Studio debugger to JDWP compatible Java Virtual Machines

NuGet Package Manager   6.8.1
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Progress Telerik UI for WinForms Extension   2023.3.1110.93
ProgressĀ® TelerikĀ® UI for WinForms Extension

TypeScript Tools   17.0.20920.2001
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Visual Basic Tools   4.8.0-7.23572.1+7b75981cf3bd520b86ec4ed00ec156c8bc48e4eb
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Visual F# Tools   17.8.0-beta.23475.2+10f956e631a1efc0f7f5e49c626c494cd32b1f50
Microsoft Visual F# Tools

Visual Studio IntelliCode   2.2
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Dinko | Tech Support Engineer
Posted on: 20 Feb 2024 12:26

Hello Michael,

I appreciate the provided details. Probably the problems come from the designer when migrating from VB to C#. In general, when migrating RadToolbarForm it will be better to create the form in the new project and manually add the controls to the title. This way you can ensure proper creation and controls and their order. The content of the form could be copied and pasted in the designer.cs file.

Nevertheless, I am happy to hear that you were able to make it work, and thank you for sharing your steps. I am setting the status of the feedback item as this is related to the VS designer.

Dinko | Tech Support Engineer
Progress Telerik

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Posted on: 19 Feb 2024 19:02
This may be resolved- I made a few changes to the RadToolBar (changed the order of a few buttons then changed them back) and everything seems to be holding.  This might just be a weird designer problem.  I did convert this app from VB to C# a few months ago and I believe this is the first designer change I have made.