Last Updated: 13 Mar 2024 08:49 by ADMIN
Release 2024.1.312
Created on: 19 Feb 2024 12:30
Category: StatusStrip
Type: Bug Report
RadStatusStrip: Not correct size after minimizing then restoring the form to normal
I added a RadLabelElement, and RadButtonElement (height 50px) to RadStatusStrip. This changes the height of the whole status strip as expected. After minimizing, then restoring the form to normal the size of the status strip is its default one.
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Nadya | Tech Support Engineer
Posted on: 19 Feb 2024 12:52

Hello, Troy,

Thank you for reporting this. To workaround this, you can set the height of the first element added to RadStatusStrip.Items collection.

Nadya | Tech Support Engineer
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