Last Updated: 01 Nov 2022 15:11 by ADMIN
Release R3 2022 SP2
Created on: 26 Sep 2022 07:38
Category: RibbonBar
Type: Bug Report
RadRibbonBar: Adding new tabs, menu items, elements at design time should be locked in a derived form

To reproduce:

1. Add a form with a RadRibbonBar and add some tabs

2. Create a second form that inherits the first one

3. Open the second form at design time and add a few items to the application menu.

Expected: either the applied changes in the derived form should be serialized properly or the ribbon in the derived form should be locked for such changed.

Actual: even though the menu items are added in the designer and you can see them, after restarting the designer, they are not shown in the application menu anymore. You can see that they are still available in the Designer.cs but they are not added to the application menu. The same behavior is observed if you add tabs and groups with different elements.