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Created on: 09 Apr 2022 15:44
Category: UI for WinForms
Type: Feature Request
Add a Radrichtextbox type to the RadGridView
Add the ability to add a richTextBox cell type to the RadGridView and have the ability to link it to a data source and to a RichTextEditorRibbonBar.
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Posted on: 12 Apr 2022 12:49

Hello George,

Thanks for reaching out. This type of functionality cannot be properly handled inside the RadGridView control. While it is possible to display a rich text content inside a hosted RadRichTextEditor control, this leads to issues while scrolling or it may affect the performance. Implementing a proper rich textbox column with a ribbon is not on our roadmap so we are declining this request. We may think for a different way to handle similar scenarios.

For the time being, if you need a fully featured RichTextEditor control,  you will need to handle this scenario outside of the grid. For simpler cases, you can consider using HTML-like formatting. The following KB article demonstrates a sample approach how a markup column can be implemented: How to Display and Edit HTML Text in GridView Cells | Telerik UI for WinForms.

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