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Created on: 24 Nov 2021 10:08
Category: Form
Type: Bug Report
RadForm: RadControls inside a UserControl added at design time are scaled twice

To reproduce:

  1. Set your monitor DPI to 200%(or any order value different from 100%). You need to Log off(or restart) in order to apply correctly the new DPI settings.
  2. Create a UserControl with some RadControls inside.
  3. Add the UserControl at design time as a child control to a RadForm.
  4. Run the RadForm and you will see that the controls inside the user control are scaled twice.


In the OnLoad method of RadForm do through all nested RadControls inside the UserControl and downscale them to the same DPI as the RadForm.

public class RadForm1 : RadForm
    protected override void OnLoad(EventArgs e)

        SizeF dpiScaleFactor = RootElement.DpiScaleFactor;
        FixDpiScaling(this.Controls, dpiScaleFactor);

    private void FixDpiScaling(Control.ControlCollection controls, SizeF dpiScaleFactor)
        foreach (Control item in controls)
            RadControl radControl = item as RadControl;
            if (radControl != null)
                SizeF dpi2 = radControl.RootElement.DpiScaleFactor;
                if (dpiScaleFactor.Width != dpi2.Width)
                    SizeF fixDpiCoefficient = new SizeF(dpiScaleFactor.Width / dpi2.Width, dpiScaleFactor.Height / dpi2.Height);

            FixDpiScaling(item.Controls, dpiScaleFactor);