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Release R2 2020 SP1
Created on: 10 Jun 2020 14:17
Category: GridView
Type: Bug Report
RadGridView: exception when the grid has a row higher that 600 and the grid is exported
When the grid has a row higher that 600 and the grid is exported an exception is thrown: "rowHeight should be greater or equal than 0 and less or equal than 600."
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Nadya | Tech Support Engineer
Posted on: 10 Jun 2020 14:48

Hi Deasun,

To workaround this plese refer to the following code snippet:

class MySpreadExportRenderer : SpreadExportRenderer
    public override void SetWorksheetRowHeight(int rowIndex, int rowHeight, bool isCustom)
        if (rowHeight > SpreadsheetDefaultValues.MaxRowHeight)
            rowHeight = (int)SpreadsheetDefaultValues.MaxRowHeight;
        base.SetWorksheetRowHeight(rowIndex, rowHeight, isCustom);


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