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Release R1 2020 SP1 (LIB 2020_1_127)
José Antonio
Created on: 13 Jan 2020 14:31
Category: DropDownList
Type: Bug Report
RadDropDownList: ItemHeight property of ListElelment cannot be set at design time
The ItemHeight property of ListElement cannot be set at design time. ElementHierarchyEditor can set the property, but it is not serialized.
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Todor Vyagov
Posted on: 13 Jan 2020 14:37

As a workaround, you can set the ItemHeight property in the form's constructor.

    Sub New()
        ' This call is required by the designer.

        ' Add any initialization after the InitializeComponent() call.
        Me.RadDropDownList1.ListElement.ItemHeight = 30
    End Sub
Todor Vyagov
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