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Created on: 12 Feb 2018 17:36
Category: UI Framework
Type: Feature Request
ADD. Comfortable Language support
i have a suggestion for WinControls, please add a comfortable language Support
without methode override. Please create a property field Pull-Down MenĂ¼ in every Control
where Developer can change the language of the control in e.g. englisch, spain, german and so on. The translation could be done very quickly with the help of the Telerik community and their experience.
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Posted on: 21 Mar 2018 14:00
Thanks for clarifying this. I have approved the request. 
Posted on: 27 Feb 2018 12:36
Hello Dimitar,
here you had misunderstood me. I don't want Change the language at the design time. I want to translate the Control at runtime and fix without opportunity for user to Change it back. The control must start with the language like german. 
So what I see at the design time does no matter. Important is what
the users see at the runtime. Here you have a mixed up, my column names as example are german, but the Group function of an gridview Shows an english ToolTip like "Drop here to group" and the only way to translate at the Moment is overwrite all members. That's the Problem. More easily is my Suggestion, an developer can adjust the language of the control at the design time and at the runtime the Control is completly german. So you have an property like RADpdfViewer.language = German or spain or what ever and so you can add more and more languages to the controls and only one property must set for the complete Control to translate them. In the Attechment picture file there must stand "Seiten Vorschau" not Page Thumbnails. Hopefully my english is not to bad and you understand me :-) Thankx so much from germany!
Best regards Daniel
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Posted on: 13 Feb 2018 06:01
Thank you for your feedback.

Indeed this is a better way for setting the localization, however, this exact functionality cannot be implemented with our controls because the strings are incorporated in our inner elements and cannot be replaced at design time.