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Created on: 15 Nov 2017 15:00
Category: UI Framework
Type: Feature Request
ADD. Provide a way to export theme that as been modified in code
We load a default theme and modify it in code. This works great and allows for great flexibility.

The problem is that this adds a pretty substantial overhead to the application start.
It would be great to have a way to save the modified theme as a file so if there are no changes to be made since the last start, we could just load this files instead of executing all the customizing code.

Benefits from this approach:
* Multiple developers can change the code at the same time without any conflicts.
* The theme can be updated with every new Telerik version without any work on our side.
* We can use different base themes and apply the same customizing without the hassle of maintaining multiple files and the danger of getting out of sync.
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Posted on: 17 Nov 2017 15:19
There are diffrent options (and APIs) to save themes to file (as XML as TSSP).
For example:
XmlTheme theme = ....
XmlWriter writer = new XmlTextWriter(fileName, Encoding.UTF8);

Could you cooperate more and open a support ticket in order to provide more technical details about your scenario.