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Dess | Tech Support Engineer, Principal
Created on: 26 Sep 2017 10:31
Category: Scheduler/Reminder
Type: Feature Request
ADD. RadSchedulerNavigator - support for "fa-IR" culture and PersianCalendar
To reproduce:

1. Add a RadScheduler and associate a RadSchedulerNavigator to it.
2. Change the culture to  "fa-IR". When running the application you will notice that the time range in the navigator is not displayed correctly considering the culture of the associate RadScheduler.

Note: you can set the SchedulerNavigatorElement.DateFormat property to  "dd dddd". Thus, the time range should be displayed in a similar way as the header cells in RadScheduler.

Workaround: you can controls what to be displayed in the navigator by the SchedulerNavigatorElement.DateLabel.Text property.

            this.radScheduler1.Culture = new System.Globalization.CultureInfo("fa-IR");

            string start = this.radScheduler1.ActiveView.StartDate.ToString(this.radSchedulerNavigator1.SchedulerNavigatorElement.DateFormat, this.radScheduler1.Culture);
            string end = this.radScheduler1.ActiveView.EndDate.ToString(this.radSchedulerNavigator1.SchedulerNavigatorElement.DateFormat, this.radScheduler1.Culture);
            this.radSchedulerNavigator1.SchedulerNavigatorElement.DateLabel.Text = start + " - " + end;