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Created on: 22 Sep 2017 10:29
Category: UI Framework
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bitdefender detected winforms example an infected file
Bitdefender moved a threat to quarantine. File name: c:\program files (x86)\progress\telerik ui for winforms r3 2017\examples\medicalapp\medicalappcs\bin\medicalappcs.exe. It is recommended that you run a System Scan to make sure your system is clean.
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Posted on: 26 Oct 2017 11:02
Thank you for writing.

The Medical App does not contain any threats, the same is also valid for all of our assemblies. It appears that the antivirus software is giving a false positive alert. You can use virus total ( and test the .exe file with various anti-virus software. Out of 64 tests, only 1 is giving a warning, you can check the attached screenshot.

You are safe to ignore the alert. Generally speaking, very rarely we receive reports for similar issues. Usually, they are related to the installers. These issues, however, are with the anti-virus software.

I hope this helps.