Last Updated: 25 Apr 2024 13:11 by Ashley
Created on: 07 Aug 2017 12:31
Category: GridView
Type: Bug Report
RadGridView: Add support for exporting hierarchy and view definitions
It appears that this scenario is not handled properly in our exporter. Consider the case where you have two templates that use view definition. 

The view definition from the second template is not exported at all.
Posted on: 25 Apr 2024 13:11
This really needs to be fixed as soon as possible.  If you have a property the says export hierarchy then it should work
Eric Moreau
Posted on: 12 Feb 2018 15:54
I have a very similar issue. In my case, I am using ColumnGroupsViewDefinition and the application triggers a "Input string was not in a correct format" exception. I hope it will be fixed soon.
Dess | Tech Support Engineer, Principal
Posted on: 25 Jan 2018 11:37
Hello, Joe,

Thank you for writing.  

Your feedback is greatly appreciated. We will update the documentation to specify the limitations of the spread export and thus to avoid further confusion. Exporting a hierarchical grid with an applied view definition is a very complex task and it should be properly planned in the roadmap. Feel free to follow this item in order to be notified for future status changes. 
Imported User
Posted on: 23 Jan 2018 13:52

I have literally wasted 2 days working on this only to find out it is not currently supported.
**update** your documentation!

Features don't always work as expected, as developers we get that (or we should) -- but when something does not work update the docs to save us a bunch of time and effort.

I have a sort of work around in that I go through and manually remove all templates before export, then recreate them after import.  It is a huge PITA but at least lets my customers export the way I told them it would work.

However, concerning exporting to excel still does not work and I have to manually flatten everything each time.