Last Updated: 29 Jul 2016 11:13 by Carl
Created on: 20 Jul 2016 13:07
Category: Scheduler/Reminder
Type: Bug Report
IMPROVE. RadScheduler - the layout is loaded slowly when MutiDayView with 31 days is used.
To reproduce:
Resource lResource;
var LColors = new Color[5];
SchedulerMultiDayView multyDayView;
DateTime startDate;

int interval;

radScheduler1.Statuses.Add(new AppointmentStatusInfo(5, "New", Color.Green, Color.Green, AppointmentStatusFillType.Solid));
radScheduler1.Statuses.Add(new AppointmentStatusInfo(6, "ACCP", Color.DarkOrange, Color.DarkOrange, AppointmentStatusFillType.Solid));

lResource = new Resource();
lResource.Id = new EventId(1);
lResource.Name = "Bert";
lResource.Color = Color.Red;


radScheduler1.ActiveView.ShowHeader = true;

this.radScheduler1.ActiveViewType = SchedulerViewType.MultiDay;
multyDayView = this.radScheduler1.GetMultiDayView();

startDate = DateTime.Today;
interval = 30;

radScheduler1.GroupType = GroupType.Resource;
multyDayView.Intervals.Add(startDate, interval);

multyDayView.RulerScaleSize = 4;
radScheduler1.EnableExactTimeRendering = true;

multyDayView.RangeFactor = ScaleRange.Hour;
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Posted on: 20 Jul 2016 14:46
It's not just loading that is slow. Once it is displayed draging an appointment is also very slow.