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Created on: 23 Jun 2016 17:27
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Type: Bug Report
FIX. RadDateTimePicker - checking the check box in the GUI is not reflected on binded property.
After binding a boolean property to RadDateTimePicker:Checked, changes made in the property reflect in the GUI, but changes made in the GUI even after lost focus are not reflected on the boolean property. The same test was done with winforms DateTimePicker and the expected behaviour was observed(not the situation reported). above). For further testing background, the class wich contains the binded boolean, implements INotifyPropertyChanged.
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Posted on: 27 Jun 2016 12:16
I have tested this and I can confirm that is an issue with our control. Until this is resolved you can use the CheckStateChanged event and manually update the data source:

public Form1()
    radDateTimePicker1.DateTimePickerElement.CheckBox.CheckStateChanged += CheckBox_CheckStateChanged;

private void CheckBox_CheckStateChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
    ((MyData)bs.Current).MyBoolProperty = radDateTimePicker1.Checked;