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Created on: 18 Feb 2016 23:40
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ui controls for winforms on Windows 10
My company is in the process of moving to windows 10 and we have a handful of custom systems that have to be migrated. I was told to "Just make them work". One of those is a tool that was written in 2008 using all Telerik controls. This system was last updated in 2012 to run on windows 7. We have plans to move the functionality to a Universal App however, we have bigger fish to fry. here is a list of all the bugs we encountered so far:

Forms with tons of controls(170 in my case) take forever to Initialize(> 60 seconds) especially the RadDateTimePicker;

The UI freezes until the InitializeComponent method  completes. 

The forms occasionally throws timeout errors waiting on a Com Handoff for more then 60 seconds.

There is no databinding going on and there is no functionality tied to the initialization or loading of the forms in an MDI. Only Large forms have this problem.

Any form that executes the following code does not load:
this.RootElement.ApplyShapeToControl = true;

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Posted on: 19 Feb 2016 09:41
Hi Christopher,

As far as I understand you want to move your WinForms app to Windows 10. In theory, you should be able to move your app to Windows 10 now, as is. You could also upgrade to the latest version of our tools should you wish to do so.

In regards to Windows Universal, once you decide to migrate your system you can look at our Universal Windows controls offering:

As to the performance issue you observe, 170 controls are a lot. However, if you want you may open a support ticket and send over the project or the problematic form, so our support engineers can look at it and advice how to improve it if it is possible.