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Created on: 06 Aug 2015 11:49
Category: GridView
Type: Bug Report
FIX. RadGridView - SynchronizeCurrentRowInSplitMode is not working
To reproduce: 

1. Add a grid to a form. 

2. Set its SplitMode to vertical or horizontal. 

3. Set its SynchronizeCurrentRowInSplitMode to false. 

You will notice that both grids are synchronized. 

Workaround: Add two RadgridViews in a RadSplitContainer with two split panels and use two separate data sources. 

For example: 

List<string> ds = new List<string>();

grid1.DataSource = ds; 

grid2.DataSource = ds.ToArray();
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Ivan Petrov
Posted on: 21 Sep 2015 12:28
The split mode of RadGridView allows the same rows to be visible in two different views. What is essentially done here is to create two visual table elements which are both attached to the same data template. The data template is responsible for selection and selection is done on data rows which are shared by the visual elements. Therefore different selection in the two views is impossible to be achieved.

The name and comment of the SynchronizeCurrentRowInSplitMode property do imply that the current rows can differ in the two views and we will address this. What the property does is define whether selecting a row in one view will bring this row into the other view so it is visible. This can be observed in our Demo application under Demo App >> GridView >> Split View.