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Dess | Tech Support Engineer, Principal
Created on: 16 Jul 2015 09:59
Category: RichTextEditor
Type: Bug Report
FIX. RadRichTextEditor - ArgumentException when exporting a document with XamlFormatProvider containing a pasted image from the browser
Copy the following image from the browser and paste it to RadRichTextEditor: IOException is thrown when pasting the image. However, it is loaded at the end.

Export the image with the following code:

private void radButton1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    DocumentFormatProviderBase provider = new XamlFormatProvider();
    byte[] byteData = provider.Export(this.radRichTextEditor1.Document);

ArgumentException occurs. 

Workaround: save the image first and copy it from Paint for example. 
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Posted on: 17 Sep 2015 15:22
The exception is observed with .Net 4.5 and higher versions