Last Updated: 13 Jul 2016 18:16 by Bob
Created on: 23 Feb 2015 09:28
Category: UI Framework
Type: Feature Request
ADD. CodedUI support for Visual Studio 2013 and 2015
Add support for Coded UI in Visual Studio 2013.
Posted on: 13 Jul 2016 18:16
The patch to Visual Studio 2013 did resolve the issue with mapping controls in Visual Studio 2013, but there is still the underlying issue accessing any standard .net controls that are mapped or trying to send keystrokes using the .net Keyboard class when the Telerik controls are installed.  See the following:
Posted on: 11 May 2016 10:02
Hi all, 

Microsoft introduced a hotfix for Visual Studio 2013 on March 29, 2016. In order to add assertions using Coded UI Test Builder , it is important to follow these steps: 
1. Install Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate 
2. Install Visual Studio 2013 Update 5 
3. Install hotfix VS12-KB3122551 which can be downloaded from here:
4. Install Telerik UI for WinForms, version R2 2016 or higher. 
Posted on: 26 Jan 2016 07:59
Hi, I just wanted to post an update, the support for VS2015 is already available with our latest release - Q1 2016. It is important that VS2015 has Update 1 installed.

In regards to VS2013, MS is working on a fix that would allow us to release support for it as well. As soon as this fix gets published, we will also introduce support for VS2013.
Posted on: 19 May 2015 15:16
HI Dennis,

we attempted to implement this functionality, however, we got to a roadblock with the implementation due to an issue in the Microsoft implementation of Coded UI for VS 2013. The issue is logged with them, and we constantly check for status updates, however, such are not available at this time, hence I cannot tell when this will be resolved.

We will be looking at the CodedUI 2015 implementation soon and I hope the same issue does not appear there as well.
Posted on: 19 May 2015 08:30
Any updates on this? Visual studio 2015 is about to be released this summer, and me and my team are still stuck on VS2012 because of CodedUI requirements.
Posted on: 15 Apr 2015 14:03
Yes this would be helpful for anyone wanting to do UITesting