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Created on: 08 Feb 2015 00:30
Category: Installer and VS Extensions
Type: Feature Request
finding properties
I've started to use your controls again after a bit of a break. I find myself hunting all over the properties to find the ones I need. How about an option to "pin" a few properties  so that they will be at the top of the list, so they are easy to find?
Posted on: 02 Mar 2015 13:04
I am declining this item due to missing case development. Should you need to reopen it, just post back in here.
Posted on: 09 Feb 2015 09:38
Hi Helen,

I assume that you are talking about the properties in the Properties Window of Visual Studio (see attachment)? If so, I don't think there is a way to pin properties in it. It supports only two sorting options (to my knowledge) - alphabetically and sorted by category (controlled with the first two buttons on the top). Alphabetically is self-explanatory, while for the category, we can set categories to our properties and we do (Appearance, behavior, etc), however, this will not give you the pin functionality you are after.

I am looking forward to your reply.
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