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Created on: 05 Jan 2015 20:33
Category: Scheduler/Reminder
Type: Feature Request
ADD. RadScheduler - add event that allows the user to cancel the reminder form showing.

When using group view we need the reminders to be shown for a selected (set programitically) resource. At the moment it shows reminders for all resources that have appointments that need reminding. In our case we have users who have scheduler open in group view showing multiple resources but would only like to be reminded about appointments that are for the user using the system.
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Posted on: 13 Jan 2015 15:34
Hi Amitesh, 

I can see that you have worked this case with out support team and a request for canceling the form was added. I will merge both feedback items. 

Thank you for your feedback.
Posted on: 07 Jan 2015 19:42
Hi Stefan
The suggested approach is not acceptable. Please review this video. You will see that the reminder screen very briefly pops up and closes itself. This will be annoying to our users and they will complain about it. I would appreciate if the feature request I made was done in a future release of Telerik. It makes sense to not show other resources reminders and only show yours. Our users turn off reminders (a setting we provide) as this is annoying to them.
Posted on: 06 Jan 2015 16:26
Hi Amitesh,

please refer to the forum thread which you have opened for the same matter, where my colleagues suggested an approach how to achieve your scenario: