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Dess | Tech Support Engineer, Principal
Created on: 28 Nov 2014 15:20
Type: Bug Report
FIX. RadCollapsiblePanel - hosted controls are not resized correctly when the RadCollapsiblePanel is inside a SplitPanel and the splitter is moved to shrink the RadCollapsiblePanel
To reproduce: 
1. Add a RadSplitContainer with two split panels.
2. Add a RadCollapsiblePanel to the left split panel and set the RadCollapsiblePanel.Dock property to Fill.
3. Add a RadGridView inside the RadCollapsiblePanel  and set the RadGridView.Dock property to Fill.
4. Populate the grid with data.
5. Run the application and move the splitter to increase the RadCollapsiblePanel's size. The RadGridView is resized correctly.
6. Move the splitter to shrink the RadCollapsiblePanel. As a result the grid is not resized correctly. 


Subscribe to the RadSplitContainer.SplitterMoved event and use the  following code:

this.RadCollapsiblePanel1.EnableAnimation = false;
this.RadCollapsiblePanel1.IsExpanded = !this.RadCollapsiblePanel1.IsExpanded;
this.RadCollapsiblePanel1.IsExpanded = !this.RadCollapsiblePanel1.IsExpanded;
this.RadCollapsiblePanel1.EnableAnimation = true;