Last Updated: 15 Feb 2014 11:03 by Jesse Dyck
Created on: 24 Nov 2010 11:12
Category: PageView
Type: Bug Report
FIX. TPF - perfomance issue with multiple RadControls
RadPageView has ten pages. Each page contains TableLayoutPanel (2 columns and 10 rows) and in each cell there is RadControl (textBox, checkbox etc). 

The result is that when pages are being changed, RadPageView show slow performance. Same scenario with standard controls works well.

Further investigations on the case show this:
"I had the same issue and I found other workaround. In my case I had TableLayoutPanel with RadSplittButton in each cell and each RadSplitButon was set as Dock = Fill. If I set AutoSize = false for RadSplitButton then the performance was ok and everything looks ok too."
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Jesse Dyck
Posted on: 19 Jul 2013 09:08
Hi Telerik Team ; 
I have problem about input controls resizing after form size changed. I used TableLayoutPanel (Microsoft default component) but its make my application slow after opening page. I used a DevExpress LayoutConrol its working suitable for my