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Julian Benkov
Created on: 14 Feb 2012 07:07
Category: Form
Type: Bug Report
FIX. Simple binding using inherited RadForm not work
it seems to be when I'm deriving from RadForm the NotifyPropertyChanged Doesn't seem to work

It is binding to the Text Propery of the dockwindow. what i am trying to do is bind to a propery of my class called FormText (This is not the Frm.Text but Frm.FormText) a completly diffrent property. This is not possible to do with the below code.

What I am ultimelty trying to do is have a class that is derived from RadForm so i can add a BindingSource to the form and load it with data.
I'm then trying to bind to the Possition and Item Count fo the BindingSource to show the user what record/how many records there are.

I need to re-bind this each time the tab is changed so the user is always seeing the records for the Selected form

Scenario is not common and the issue is not related directly to our form. Since our RadForm is ISupportInitialize and in the case that the developer does not call Form EndInitialize method the Microsoft binding will reject the binding because Form IsInitialized property is false. So these methods must be called: