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Julian Benkov
Created on: 02 May 2011 06:54
Category: Dock
Type: Feature Request
FIX. RadDock - when double-click on ToolWindow/DocumentWindow make them floating when AllowedDockState are TabbedDocument | Floating
Trying to Double-Click ToolWindow to dock it back on RadDock as a Tab...

When you set a ToolWindow to only AllowedDockStates of Floating,TabbedDocument and Hidden, you lose the header double-click functionality of the toolwindow that pops the ToolWindow out as a floating window as well as pops it back in as a tabbed document. If you add AllowedDockState of Docked, the double-click functionality works. 

I am working with ToolWindows on a RadDock control and want them only represented as either Floating or TabbedDocuments with the ability to double-click a floating window caption and pop it back onto the RadDock control as a TabbedDocument. I got the double-click functionality to pop a floating window back in by using DockStateChanged and TransactionCommitment events. The less important one of double-clicking on a TabbedDocument header to pop it back out I have not yet done.

I use the DockStateChanged event to fire when ToolWindows are set to floating and change the AllowedDockState of that window to use Docked. I use TransactionCommitment to change a ToolWindow's AllowedDockState to exclude Docked and programmatically change the DockState of the window to TabbedDocument. Is this the best approach or did I miss a simple property or something? I pasted the two methods below for your convenience.


In Q1 2014 (version 2014.1.226) we introduced an floating option for tabbed document which resolved this issue. 
Here is the link to the feedback item: