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Julian Benkov
Created on: 21 Feb 2012 04:58
Category: Dock
Type: Feature Request
DockState not support simple binding
I've discovered a behavioral issue with the tool-window when one of its containing control's data-binding is updated.

I'm designing an application using the MVVM design pattern with a basic View and View-Model. The View is a form that contains a RadDock, ToolWindow containing a Label, and a Button to update the Label's Text; and data-binding setup to the ToolWindow's property "DockState" and a Label's property "Text". The View-Model contains the bound properties "ToolWindow1DockState" and "Label1Text", which implements INotifyPropertyChanged to update the respective controls; and a method used to update Label1's text.

After I click "Auto-hide" on ToolWindow1 and click the "Change Text" button, I'm expecting ToolWindow1 to remain in the Auto-hide state. Instead, ToolWindow1 is placed in the Docked state.