Last Updated: 24 Nov 2014 07:29 by ADMIN
Created on: 18 Sep 2013 05:21
Category: Editors
Type: Feature Request
ADD. RadMaskedEditBox - add the ability to insert characters instead of repleacing them.
When the user is typing before already typed text, the text is overridden. Add the ability to insert characters instead of replacing them like in the .Net MaskedTextBox.
Posted on: 25 Sep 2014 13:17
Thank you guys for your input. We will try to look into this in near future.
Posted on: 18 Jul 2014 15:15
I would really like the ability to do this, instead of having to replace each RadMaskedEditBox with some other control.
Posted on: 02 Jun 2014 15:06
I also have encountered this behavior and have been forced to use a regular .NET masked text box because this behavior, being the standard for winforms, was a business rule for our application. 

I would imagine that having a flag to switch between these behaviors would allow people to use the behavior they need (Telerik's current behavior or winform's behavior), as people already used to the existing behavior may want to continue using it for consistency.
Posted on: 13 Feb 2014 10:45
I think the removal of the MaxLength field for RadMaskedEditBox means that this is behaviour that was available but has been removed, so would argue it is more than a feature request.

This change in behaviour is preventing us from upgrading to the latest controls.