Last Updated: 18 Jan 2013 10:57 by Jesse Dyck
Ivan Petrov
Created on: 19 Aug 2011 10:23
Category: UI for WinForms
Type: Feature Request
RadPropertyGrid - Adding custom items.
Add the ability to add custom items to the RadPropertyGrid items collection.
Jesse Dyck
Posted on: 18 Jan 2013 10:57
I need also to bind generic collection to PropertyGrid
Jesse Dyck
Posted on: 02 Nov 2012 02:44
I would also like this to be implemented very quick. Requsting your action ASAP
Jesse Dyck
Posted on: 06 Sep 2012 07:47
I need this feature too, in my apps this feature is vital.
Jesse Dyck
Posted on: 25 Oct 2011 04:39
i need this feature too, this feature is very important for me
Jesse Dyck
Posted on: 10 Oct 2011 18:47
I'd like to add my vote as well to add a Collection Editor to the RadPropertyGrid similar to the Collection Editor that WinForms has for its PropertyGrid.
Jesse Dyck
Posted on: 21 Sep 2011 08:25
Will need this also in near future...