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Created on: 11 Jul 2013 04:04
Category: ChartView
Type: Feature Request
ADD. RadChartView - add support for selection in LineSeries
The Line Series cannot be clicked/selected and cannot be used in DrillDown scenarios.
Posted on: 28 Dec 2016 10:52
Hi Jared,

can you please contact our support engineers via, so they can help you achieve what you need. 
Posted on: 20 Dec 2016 04:39
I would also like to see the ability to drill down or an event fire when a point is clicked on a line series.  I've combined my line series chart with a grid view and would like to filter the grid if a user clicks on a point. 
Ivan Petrov
Posted on: 12 Jun 2014 12:21
RadChartView supports Hit testing only for data point elements. If you want to click/select or drill down you have to click on such a data point element. For all line series the default size of the data point elements is equal to SizeF.Empty. In order to allow users to click on data point elements you have to set the PointSize property to a value larger than SizeF.Empty.