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Release R3.2023-Increment.3(11.Oct.2023)
Created on: 13 Jun 2023 09:28
Category: MultiSelect
Type: Bug Report
Disabled Items when enabled via api

When using the Multiselect with Javascript Api in following order:

- Disable

- Select

- Enable

The Multiselect Control is enabled, but the Items are still disabled and therefore cannot be removed by the X.

Can be reproduced in the official demo (see Screenshot):

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Posted on: 20 Jun 2023 06:59

Hello Jonas,

Thank you very much for reporting the issue. I am changing the status of the item to 'Unplanned'.

As a workaround until the issue is being fixed, you can try to remove the k-disabled class:

$('.k-selection-multiple .k-chip').removeClass('k-disabled')

Here is a Dojo example where this is demonstrated. 

As a token of gratitude for reporting a bug I have updated your Telerik points.

Progress Telerik

As of R2 2023, the default icon type will be SVG instead of Font. See this blogpost for more information.