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When a Kendo window is opened, I am not able to scroll the content in the window using keyboard but the window just moves up and down. When the window is maximized I am able to scroll the content of the window.


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kendo.alert should be able to return a promise.

Consistency is so import in these types of frameworks.

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I generate a simple custom dialog with 3 buttons using the following code:


var modalDialog = $('<div id="dialog"></div>');
    width: "450px",
    title: 'Title',
    closable: true,
    modal: true,
    content: 'What is your choice?',
    actions: [
        { text: 'Button 1' },
        { text: 'Button 2' },
        { text: 'Button 3' },
    animation: {
        open: {
            effects: "fade:in",
            duration: 250
        close: {
            effects: "fade:out",
            duration: 250


For Kendo I use a custom download based on v2018.3.10.17 which works fine.

After creating a new custom package based in 2019.1.220 the dialog looks broken. (see image below)
Usually each of the buttons would automatically get an inline style of 33% so they stretch over the whole width of the dialog.
For some reason this doesn't work in the 2019 version anymore and is also broken in the 2019.1.115 build.



Since the documentation doesn't show this as a new layout, I guess it is a bug.




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When using MVVM, when modal = true, the entire page is always in modal mode at page load even if the dialog is not visible. When not using MVVM, when the dialog is not visible, the page is not in modal mode which is expected.


Here is a modified Dojo that I got from your demo page that I set the dialog to not visible but the modal is on at page load. 



Here is the same not using MVVM that the dialog is set to not visible and the modal is not on at page load as expected.


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Currently, the width of the Dialog widget element is always restricted to fit within the width of the viewport (browser window). The height, however, is allowed to exceed the viewport height, which results in hidden content in the lower part of the Dialog. I would like to see the same restriction for the height of the widget as present for its width.

Further information could be found in the following Forum thread: https://www.telerik.com/forums/resizing-the-dialog---mobile-support