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ColorPicker must have an option to revert to "Default color" (set color to null)
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Created by: Dan
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The color picker right now support only to display the HEX format or RGBA format. The color picker should also support RGB.

Our customer is used to using the RGB format and wants to use that format. The reason we do not want RGBA is that the color picker could use opacity and the selected color will be used in a report so opacity has to be always 1.

We tried to prevent the use of a different opacity but could not find a solution.

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Created by: Seuthes
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It would be really nice, if you could combine the color picker with the palette. When the user then opens the color picker, he has the ability to select a custom color, but also to select quickly a predefined color. This would improve the users worklflow nicely.
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I was working with Kendo ColorPicker and ColorPalette and I created a widget for serenity. Everything works perfect, except at the constructor time, I do not know the color. This is how is working now...

        // [KendoColorPickerEditor(Columns=2, Palette = "['#000', '#333', '#666', '#999', '#ccc', '#fff']",Buttons =true,Preview =true)]
        //Palette : "basic" | "websafe" | "['#000', '#333', '#666'] or leave blank"
        [KendoColorPickerEditor( Buttons = true, Preview = true)]
        public String Color
            get { return Fields.Color[this]; }
            set { Fields.Color[this] = value; }

A refresh method is needed to reload the properties changed after the "Color" property